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The Key To Golf Mastery

The key to golf mastery is simplicity.Golf is actually really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. You can increase your understanding of any complex subject by progressing from the simple to the complex.Take the fundamentals of a sound golf game and divide it into the following five part

Middle Age and Exercise

You will find more and more middle aged people today that are concerned about their health, and one of the biggest things that are talked about in the crowd is middle age and exercise. Depending on your level of stamina and even to an extent your fitness level, it will determine exactly how much exe

How to Refill 1-Lb. Propane Bottles

If you camp frequently, chances are you have made a lot of trips to the hardware or camping store for 1-lb. propane bottles. Over time, the cost adds up---especially when you consider that, pound for pound, you pay a lot less to refill the 20-lb. propane tank on your gas grill. You can use your 20-l