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How to Breed Havanese Puppies

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Picking a dog that is breedworthy is the first step to breeding Havanese puppies. Research the breed, genetics and health issues. Attend dog shows to observe and spend time with Havanese and their owners. Contact the Havanese Breed Club of America for lists of Code of Ethics Breeders for potential p

How to Groom Mini Schnauzers

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A well-groomed miniature schnauzer will be a happy and healthy dog. Regular grooming will eliminate matted fur and grass seeds in the coat, while the grooming process itself can create a closer bond between pet and owner. Mini schnauzers have double coats, which means the hair is soft near the body,

How to Do Hand Signs

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Depending on the job your dog does or its health, hand signals may be a necessary part of its life. For dogs who are deaf or who work at long distances from their handlers, hand signals prove especially useful. If your dog is already obedience-trained, implementing hand signals is a simple matter of