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Eating Healthy Guide

My parents always told me about when they grew up, you know those "well when I was your age" stories that seem to always be blown out of proportion. These stories always seem to be trying to make us look bad, you know like "when I was your age I didn't get new clothes, I had to w

What is the Glycemic Foods Index?

The glycemic foods index is a way of ranking carbohydrates by how they affect blood sugar levels. The glycemic index is also called GI. Foods are rated from 0 to 100 based on how they affect blood sugar levels after eating. A high number means the carbohydrate is digested very quickly, causing spike

Food Myths

With so many people trying to lose weight and also addicted to an instant gratification lifestyle, diet supplements and lose weight fast fads are big business. That big business has led to plenty of misinformation and dietary myths.