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Huntingdon 25 Stove

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The Huntingdon 25 stove is the smallest in the Huntingdon stove range but do not let this put you off as this is a wood burning stove which has all the features available in the larger models, not forgetting the very fact it offers a wonderful finish which can literally adorn any area of your home.

How to Reduce Lint on Towels

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Lint on towels is caused by the fibers breaking and coming loose. They then appear on the surface of the towel and can get all over you and your bathroom. This can be caused by overuse, damaging the towel with chemicals such as bleach, using cold water and using a clothes dryer. Following a few easy

Pond Pumps

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A pump is one of the most significant features of an artificial pond. In the absence of a pump, there will not be any moving water, which may result in a marsh. A pump is necessary for circulating and filtering water in a pond. Usually, it is recommended that the pond water should be circulated at l