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Vaser Lipo Vs. Smart Lipo

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While liposuction has been a procedure around since the 1970's; ultrasonic and laser technology liposuction systems have not. The most recent, laser liposuction, only received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval as late as November, 2006, according to the FDA website.

Tips for Acne on Your Skin

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There are several things you can do to help reduce acne.teenage girl with acne 2 image by Kathy Burns from Fotolia.comAcne plagues people of all ages--not just teens. Many things can contribute to continued pimple breakouts well into your golden years. From diet to work conditions to...

Science of Weight Loss

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The secret to losing weight is truly all about science and mathematics. If you know the right formula, you'll know exactly how much weight you are losing at any given time. You will also know exactly what to eat and how much in order to lose weight. Figuring out the right formula and understanding h