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Marriage Workshops

Marriage & Divorce
When people want to get married, these people accept to always be in one another's company through out their lives, and moreover divorce as well as separation is always the last thing that come into their brains. The real truth of existence along with marriage is that it's not absolutely j

False Allegations of Abuse - Fighting the Court Against Restraining Or Emergency Orders Filed by Ex

Marriage & Divorce
Women know that if they cry wolf, help will come. Especially when it comes to possible abuse or violence against her or your children. Whether the case regarding the allegations is true or not, this is something that the courts do not take lightly, and will immediately place the child with Child Pro

What is True Love?

Marriage & Divorce
Is true love found by entering characters from a keyboard like Milton did in a story by Isaac Asimov? People are not doomed to live in a societal shell and are at the very least prompted to come out of their shells to remove the cobwebs from their deepest quest for someone special in their lives.