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How to Cut Back on Salt

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According to the American Heart Association, most Americans consume nearly 77 percent more salt than recommended. Unhealthy salt intake contributes to swelling, shortness of breath, weight gain and exacerbates existing heart conditions. There are easy and delicious ways to get that salt consumption

Slushy Rum Drinks

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Enjoy a variety of slushy rum drinks with your friends.Bryan Mullennix/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesYou can make slushy rum drinks with a variety of fruits. Choosing your favorite fruits allows you to mix up the flavors of a slushy rum drink. Serve your drinks at parties or just enjoy a...

How to Cut Fruit Cake

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Mainly served at Christmas, the fruit cake is one of the most maligned desserts. Fruit cake tossing competitions and comparisons to bricks have done nothing for the image of these cakes. If you have ever been curious about tasting a fruit cake, you should first know how to slice it. Since it is so r