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How Can You Earn MILLIONS By Copying An Airline"s Advertising?

While on the way to work today, I had a chat with my cab driver. You know how the usual stuff goes, "weather looks poor outside" or "busy in shop today?".

But then he started talking to me about one of my favourite subjects (coincidentally): Advertising.

He noticed how since EasyJet, the budget airline, used a light-orange for their advertising campaign, it seems that everyone is adopting it. One of our national supermarkets, Sainsburys, now uses almost the same shade of orange. But why pick orange? Why not pick black, he asked. Why not chose every other colour?

My answer to him got us talking even more: Orange is a simple and non-threatening colour. It REALLY stands out from the multitude of other advertisements. Next billboard we went past advertised a new Dodge Callibur or something car. It was just plain and ordinary. However right next to it was an ORANGE sign that pointed to a local business park. Now, I definitely saw the orange sign more than I did the dark billboard.

Advertising is everywhere now, said the cabbie. Look how now-a-days, information is being clouded with advertising.
At this point, he pointed at a road sign, which was clearly being overshadowed by a rotating mini-billboard. "If you look at that, we'd rather read the damn advert than the information" he said.

So really that was the end of our cab journey together. I got out to go to work, but I kept thinking all day long about why EasyJet use what he called the "silly font that everyone adopts!" and why they use orange. I came to a revelation a couple of hours ago.

They use this "silly font" an the orange colour because it's simple. It doesn't distract the driver so much, but they see it in the corner of their eye and since the orange looks out of place from their normal field of view they look at it. And the silly font makes the company seem friendly.

So how can you earn money out of this advertising campaign used by EasyJet?

Keep your sales pages/ advertisements simple. Don't over complicate the field of view with lots of numbers or too many long words.
Use Abnormal Colours People are more likely to see a yellow advertisement in the corner of a page full of black advertisements.

So when you're thinking of doing your next ad campaign, don't go out for the next amazingly powerful yet not striking sales page....make it a bit different, and add some colour to it.

And it will and colour to your life!

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