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Can Spy Sweeper Remove Trojan Horses?

    Spyware Detection

    • Spyware is software that self-installs on your computer, typically without your knowledge. Once installed, spyware can gather information without you even being aware of it. This information can be relatively innocuous data, such as your browsing habits, but can also be highly sensitive and valuable, such as passwords, bank details or credit card details. Spy Sweeper is designed to scan your system for spyware and remove it.

    Trojan Detection

    • A trojan horse is a piece of software that performs some malicious function, but is disguised as something harmless or useful, like a game or a small file. Trojan horses can include spyware; because they are disguised. However, standard anti-spyware utilities can't always detect or remove them. For this, you may need a utility designed specifically for trojan removal. Spy Sweeper is an anti-spyware utility, which does not claim to be able to remove trojans.

    Spy Sweeper Reception

    • Some laypeople who have evaluated the free trial were dissatisfied, as reported by users on the CNET Downloads site. In contrast, evaluation of Spy Sweeper 2011 by computer security experts has yielded positive reviews. Computer magazines, such as PCMag, report that Spy Sweeper performs well in tests, effectively spotting an removing spyware from infected machines. User expectations and knowledge levels may account for the discrepancy, with non-expert users confused as to what Spy Sweeper is designed to accomplish. Spy Sweeper's automated payments avoid the need to worry about renewing your subscription, but do mean that you have to actively choose to opt out of using the software, which some users resented.

    Spy Sweeper Limitations

    • Spy Sweeper is not intended to be your primary or general anti-malware program. It is designed to search for and remove spyware, not to detect or remove viruses and trojans. Spy Sweeper is designed to support other anti-malware utilities. For meaningful protection you need general anti-virus protection. You could choose Webroot's other security products, or some of the many other free and commercial anti-malware utilities available.

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