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How to Make Tudor Necklaces

    • 1). Use the sandpaper to be sure the letter B is smooth on all sides. The B is for Boleyn, so if you're not seeking to emulate Anne Boleyn, you can use any letter that you want.

    • 2). Screw three of the small screws into the bottom of the B and one screw in the middle top of the B.

    • 3). Paint the B and screws with the gold paint. Allow it to dry completely -- at least four hours or per the manufacturer's directions. Once dried, paint the other side. Allow it to dry. Apply some of the glue to the screws with your fingertip so the paint will not flake off. Be sure your glue dries clear. Repaint, if necessary.

    • 4). Cut the fishing line so you can double string the line for extra security. You will need enough so the line can be looped around your neck, choker-style and still have a loop that goes down to your sternum.

    • 5). Mark the line to show where the B charm will later go, after looping your necklace properly around your neck.

    • 6). Tie the end of the doubled-up line to one end of the necklace clasp. Use the folded over loop end to string through the pearls.

    • 7). String the pearls tightly enough so there is very little give between beads. Be sure to string the B charm where you have previously marked. Tie off the looped end to the necklace clasp.

    • 8). Secure the ends tied to the clasp with the glue to be sure it will hold. If the knot is large, you can push one of the pearls onto the knotted part to hide the mess.

    • 9). Hang the teardrop pearls to the bottoms of the rounded metal screws. Most of these just clip on. If not, glue them on. Allow all the glue to dry completely before wearing.

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