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How to Get A 4.0 In College

    • 1). Think about how much time you lose sitting around watching TV or surfing the web. Think of how much your grades would improve if you devoted that time to your studies! Take some time off from the tube, and devote a little more of it to what you need to be doing.

    • 2). Stop procrastinating. Stay up with the assigned reading for your classes. Begin research and planning for your papers a significant amount of time before the due date so that you don't find yourself rushing around at the last minute and making simple mistakes that will lower your grade (and ultimately your GPA).

    • 3). Go to class, and pay attention while you're there. Hearing the information and a thorough explanation of it from your professor will not only help you remember it, but also give you some idea of what your professor will be looking for on the exam. Skipping class all semester then showing up only the week before the exam is going to significantly hurt your grade, and plus if your professor sees you always in class and participating they are more likely to give you a little extra credit where need be.

    • 4). Make flash cards before the exam and have someone else go through them with you. This is very helpful in remembering the information.

    • 5). Take thorough notes. Even if you're in class every day its not likely you will remember everything that was said. With good notes you can look back and answer most of the questions you have yourself. In addition, taking good notes which will occupy your hands will keep you from daydreaming and force your mind to listen to and process what the professor is telling you.

    • 6). Get enough sleep. Everyone's needs are different but you know how much you need in order to feel and function your best. If you're nodding off in class then you're obviously not paying attention, and getting little more benefit out of being there then you would have had you not gone at all.

    • 7). Take advantage of all extra credit opportunities. Never pass extra credit by just because you don't "think" you need it at the time. This will give you some cushion to fall back on in case you have a future test or essay grade that doesn't come back so hot.

    • 8). Take advantage of study groups if studying with other people helps you learn. Only you know what ways help you memorize the material the fastest, so once you've figured them out stick with them!

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