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London Cycling Guide – Social Media Campaign

New Holland Publishers tasked LJ Interactive with a range of titles to promote through Social Media and Search. All have proved successful; one of particular note was the London Cycling Guide. A brief description of strategy and achievements are listed below. In total sales overachieved by over 250% against forecast with only a £300 budget for digital marketing (we still have some of this left!)

How did we do it?
  1. Search - the first thing we did was ensure that the actual webpage was fully optimised for key phrases that potential readers may search for. You may have thought that London Cycling Guide would be the phrase most searchers would use. However after research we discovered that London Cycle Routes and London Cycling Routes would achieve far more visits and also had less competition within Google.

  2. Conversion to order - we added additional content to the page to engage further with readers.

  3. External Social Networks - our key task was to achieve high exposure for this title amongst online audiences. We did this by talking to a large range of London and cycling networks. We achieved exposure on the following networks amongst others:

    • Transport for London - ran a competition for the book
    • Revolution Bike Tours of London - web review, Facebook and Twitter exposure
    • Cycling Weekly Online - reviewed the book
    • - promotion on their eBulletin and landing page creation + competition
    • My Velo Bikes - review posted on blog, Facebook and Twitter exposure
    • Cycle Circuits - posted article on their site and placed link on their product pages
    • British Waterways - article on the book, plus banner and exposure on their newsletter
    • Spoke in Motion - review on their blog, free content shown online of several routes
    • Camden Cyclists - PDF extracts put on site and reviews the book
    • Go London - exposure on their forum

    • - reviewed the book and linked
    • - reviewed the book and linked
    • - reviewed the book and linked
    • - reviewed the book and linked

  4. Unbelievably the above exposure for the book cost absolutely nothing, just a little bit of persuasion, a few review copies and a bit of free content. Something to always remember is that it is hard work keeping networks full of lovely content, therefore a bit of free content will always help them along, and networks are pretty happy to link back to you in return for it!

  5. Article marketing - we use article marketing to increase exposure to webpages. By posting articles about the book on article sites, you are guaranteed to get them picked up by other relevant blogs and news feeds. If this happens not only will they increase visits to the page they will also create backlinks to that page.

  6. Branded Social Media - we ran competitions on the branded Facebook and Twitter feeds to promote the title, we also encouraged other followers to retweet.

  7. Author Social Media - The author, Tom Bogdanowicz, is well known in London Cycling circuits having written for many a year for the London Press and The Guardian amongst others. Tom was crucial in promoting the title amongst his peers.

  8. Facebook and Google Ads - finally the bit that cost something! We ran Google and Facebook Ads promoting the title to push sales through the New Holland Publishers website.

Phew! All in all a successful campaign for the London Cycling Guide, one that we'll be picking up again in the early summer. One happy Publisher!

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