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How to Make a Cross With Craft Lace

    • 1). Tack the dowels together to form the basic cross shape. Place a dot of wood glue on the center of the small dowel, then place the larger dowel over the glue spot, positioning it so that the smaller dowel crosses it about a third of the way from the top and at a 90 degree angle. Let the glue dry.

    • 2). Arrange two pieces of craft lace in the first color in preparation for weaving. Lay the two pieces on the table in an "X" shape.

    • 3). Place the wooden cross over the craft lace X so that four arms of the X bisect the empty squares in the four corners of the cross at 45 degree angles from the cross's arms.

    • 4). Glue the laces to the back of the cross at the point where they touch the crossing dowels. Let the glue dry; this will secure the laces while you wrap them.

    • 5). Wrap the four strands of lace around the four sections of the cross. Space each coil of lace a little ways away from the one before it, leaving a space equivalent to the width of the coil; this will leave room to coil the second color of lace.

    • 6). Glue the lace to the wood at the end of each dowel. Apply glue around each dowel edge, then wrap the lace once or twice around the end in a coil that runs parallel to the end of the dowel and comes flush with the edge.

    • 7). Apply tiny dots of glue to the exposed wood between the wrapped coils.

    • 8). Wrap a second layer of lace in a different color on each of the four sections of the cross. Use a separate length of lace for each of the four arms of the cross, wrapping in the space between the coils of the first color. Secure the ends of each of the four laces with an extra dot of glue.

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