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Couples Anniversary Ideas


    • Think of a hobby the two of you have gotten into together over the course of your relationship. If you have started watching baseball together, get tickets for a game, or go to the park with a bat and a glove and play, just the two of you. If you both started liking a certain musical artist and one of his songs is "your song," go to a live show together. That you picked up this interest together helps you both celebrate your relationship on your anniversary.

    Scavenger Hunt

    • Put together a scavenger hunt for your significant other, but group different items together for each year you've been together. Write down a list of the items you need to find and how many. For example, instruct your significant other to find one heart-shaped object for the first year you were together, two items of your favorite color and three items that remind them of your first date. You can also make the groups of items humorous or represent something only your significant other would understand.


    • Start a scrapbook for the two of you. This is ideal for couples who have just been married for a year or two and want to create memories. On your anniversary, take a picture of both of you, and put it on the first page of the scrapbook. Over the course of the year, add other photos and mementos from things you did that year, and fill up one or two pages. On your next anniversary, take another picture and repeat the process.

    Something Old, Something New

    • Find two gifts for your significant other -- something that represents the past of your relationship and something that you hope to do together soon. A past item could be your collage of photos that you printed out from your computer, so you won't actually be cutting up old photos. Place the collage in a frame. The something "new" could be two tickets for a cruise, airplane tickets for a vacation or an event you both can enjoy.

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