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Elegant Halloween Crafts

    Candy Spheres

    • Make elegant, eye-catching Halloween party table centerpieces using festive candy. To create the sweet decor, simply attach Halloween-inspired candy to a Styrofoam ball using a low-temp glue gun. Apply the candy in a neat, uniform manner working in a circular pattern around the ball. Confection ideas include candy corn, gummy peach rings, black and orange gumballs and sugared gum drops. Allow the candy to dry and place the ball on a ceramic or glass candlestick to display.

    Pumpkin Luminaries

    • Turn pumpkins into decorative luminaries using cookie cutters and candles. The glowing pumpkins look elegant when lined up along your sidewalk or a garden pathway. Gather as many medium to large pumpkins as you need to line the path. Cut the bottoms off of the pumpkins and scoop out the insides, leaving the tops intact. To decorate the pumpkins, hold sturdy, stainless steel cookie cutters, featuring shapes such as autumn leaves and stars, against them and push. Hit the cutters gently with a rubber mallet to penetrate the pumpkins' thick skins. Set small candles under the pumpkins to create the glow.

    Pumpkin Vase

    • Turn a white pumpkin into an expected and creative flower vase. Use the autumn bouquet to enhance a Halloween party table or your front porch. Simply cut the top off of a large, white pumpkin and scoop out the insides. Place a container of water mixed with a floral preservative inside the pumpkin. Create a bouquet of autumn-inspired blooms, such as deep red, yellow and orange roses, and insert it inside the container. You can surround the vase with mini orange and white pumpkins to complete the look.

    Silk Flower Wreath

    • Create a Halloween wall or door wreath that's as sophisticated as it is spooky. Begin the craft by attaching dark-hued silk flowers all around the perimeter of a 12-inch Styrofoam wreath base using a low-temp glue gun. Make the floral wreath holiday-ready by spraying the flowers with several light coats of matte black floral spray paint. Allow the paint to thoroughly dry before displaying the wreath.

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