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Types of Materials for Picture Note Collages

    • Design a meaningful collage.photographie image by Christophe Fouquin from

      Express yourself in an interesting collage through the medium of photography. Collage is accessible to people of all ages and skill levels and acceptable types of materials beyond standard adhesives is endless. "Collage lends itself to spontaneity and creativity. Collage is a constant metamorphosis," says Nita Leland, author of "Creative Collage Techniques." From handwritten notes and doodles to old post cards from an antique shop, ribbons, buttons and embellishments, there is no limit to what you can add to collage.


    • A picture note collage consists primarily of photographs, magazine clippings or drawings overlapped until they cover a background. "The logic of organization within the project is based on the concept of like kinds," says June Underwood of Art and Perception. A large photograph can make up the design or a collection of smaller similarly themed images.


    • Inspirational quotations add depth to art and inspire thought. Write quotes on notes to incorporate into your design. Other notes of significance are those left by friends or relatives as reminders, thank you notes or old postcards. Both images and words convey a message.


    • Embellish collage art with decorative attributes. Buttons, patches, ribbon and paper die-cut shapes add color and interest. Search craft stores and antique shops for interesting additions.


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