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Did You Know That Winning the Lottery Helps You Lose Weight Too?

I have no trouble getting revved up about buying next week's Powerball lottery tickets.

But maybe you do not. Maybe it takes you a bit of effort to get down to the pool shop. Maybe money is tight, or you just can not raise the enthusiasm to splash out on some lottery tickets just now.

I understand. We are all driven Differently. Different beliefs, different energy levels, different personalities. But Unless you focused on your goal of winning the lottery in a Manner focused, you'll get nowhere.

Perhaps it's time to change your thinking. Perhaps you need a BIGGER causes... That one will take you out of your comfort zone and get you motivated into action.

Here's an example That many people can Relate to...

I've lost a heap of weight with my own self-devised fat loss program. But like anyone making changes to Their life, Sometimes the temptation to eat more of the wrong foods gets a little hard to resist. I Could Easily slip back... and gain back the 30 pounds I lost.

But I do not, because i have a bigger cause. And it's this...

I believe - and have scientific proof - that my eating plan will help extend my life. Not just by Increasing it by a couple of meager years, but maybe as much as 10-20 years. And one of the side benefits is huge Also That I'll be in better health for much longer into my old age. It will not be just an extended Existence in a Zimmer frame, but a fit 'n healthy one bounding around like a buck rabbit.

So every time I reach for a chocolate cookie, vastly improved the image of my life flashes before my eyes. This is strong enough to stop me dead in my tracks, hand poised over the cookie jar. In other words, my overall cause is Greater than any day-to-day short term thinking.

It is a very Powerful motivator. Now, what if your own cause was not just to win a Powerball prize or Ditch That 10 pounds of flab, but bigger:

- Help out Poorer people in your city?
- Develop a building Or That Will last beyond you?
- Or have the spare time to invent something That Will Change the World?

The possibilities are immense, Especially if you aim to win Powerball With its multi-million dollar payout. With That Enormous resource behind you, the world's your oyster. Whatever you can dream of is Easier When You have the funds.

My Powerball System will give you a massive start to your winning odds. And check out my successful fat loss program too.

Carmine Masciola studies the secret of successful lottery play and has found a revealing system than wins 9 out of every 10 games

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