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Indian Statistical Services (ISS) Question Papers

The Indian Statistical Services (ISS) Services addresses planning and analysis of our economy through planning commission, government bodies and state boards.

For entry into the Indian Statistical Services, an entrance examination is conducted under UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) every year. The examination held for recruiting Grade IV officers is conducted mostly in November.The Indian Statistical Services (ISS) Services addresses planning and analysis of our economy through planning commission, government bodies and state boards.

Graduates in Economics and Statistics can go for the varied job openings in Planning Board, Planning Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs and the other government bodies as well.

The Indian Statistical Service question papers comprise of General English and General Knowledge. Essay, precise writing, paragraph writing, grammar that includes sentence making, correction of sentences are the domains covered under the Indian Statistical General English question papers. This paper is for 150 marks and the maximum duration is 3 hours.

General knowledge includes general questions related to our day to day life and current events too. It is expected to be answered by a general person without any specific studies. However, it takes a lot of time for the entrants to prepare for the examination. This also contains 150 marks with 3 hours duration for Indian Statistical General Knowledge Question Papers.

Apart from this, there are 3 papers of Statistics, each containing 200 marks with maximum duration of 3 hours. This is a Essay type test, which examines your in-depth knowledge of the subject. Level of the questions are Post Graduate.


It contains Probability with 40% weight. There are different theorems under this paper to be dealt in detail. Statistical Methods has 45 % weightage, while Numerical Analysis has 15 % weightage.


Linear: Models are with 25 % weight. Estimation is of 25 % weight. Hypothesis Testing comprises of 25 %, while Multivariate Analysis is for 25 % weight.

Statistics-III There are two parts under this paper.

Part A is Compulsory for everyone.

Sampling Techniques has 35 % weightage, Economics Statistics is of 25 % weight.

Part B

There is an option to answer any one of the topics given below.

Statistical Quality Control and Operations Research is of 40 % weightage.

Different kinds of control charts of variable and attributes are include under this section.

Demography and Vital Statistics is holding 40 % weight, while Design and Analysis of Experiments is having 40 % weight. Econometrics is with 40 % weight.

According to the weightage, you can put efforts on the topics and the subjects. There are question papers of previous year exams, that can help you in preparing for the upcoming examination. You will be familiar with the format, style and type of question asked in the question papers.

After completion of these written exams, screened candidates are called for viva-voce.

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