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Benefits Of Ceramic And Band Heaters

Ceramic heater and band heater are transportable heaters. They are environment friendly heaters. These heaters are good at absorbing as well as dispersing heat energy. This feature of these heaters makes them durable than any other coil heaters. Wire coil heaters work by passing electricity through them. When the electricity is passed a friction is created and thereby heat. Here you can see that the coils getting red as the electrons pass through them.

They are extremely dangerous and can even cause fire break outs. In a ceramic heater ceramic heating coils draw warmth and power away from wire and are proved to be the perfect heating medium. Ceramic element is a nonmetallic element and thus reduces risk factors.

Ceramic and band heaters are a bit expensive compared to a wire coil heater, but the benefits they offer are great. A transportable heater of this sort can heat a large room within minutes. In this electronically advance time, you can buy heaters that can be controlled by remote and have the facility of thermostats. Using these heaters you can remove the chill in a cold winter day at low expense of energy.

There are lot of advantages with these types of heaters. First of all they are portable. They can be shifted from one room to other according to our convenience. Another advantage is that we can heat a large area with these heaters. If we aim to heat a large area, then we must go for the heater that is presented with fan. Compared to other heaters they are energy efficient.

The ceramic heaters that have got no fans in them can be used for small areas only. You can adjust the heat and use them according to our need and climate. Another advantage is the safety feature. They can be used without any danger for a long time. They are automatic and when the heat reaches three hundred and eight degrees Fahrenheit in

a ceramic heater the current is automatically minimized. This takes away the risk of spreading fire. They have got the safety features like touch sensor, timer, and overheat sensor.

In band heaters mica is insulated and they are successfully used in applications such as plastics. They can be installed in food industry, injection molding machines, plastic extruders, blow molding machines, container, pipe or tank heating and in the pharmaceutical industry successfully. Compared to other heaters they are very economical, dependable and efficient.

There are lot of companies that produce both of these heaters and is one of them. It is a well reputed company that has long experience of producing such products. It is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company that is engaged in manufacturing, supplying, and exporting packing machines, industrial heaters, and thermocouples. They also manufacture and distribute ceramic heaters and band heaters.

From this company you can take home quality products as this is an ISO certified company. The decision to purchase products from this company is a bold decision that will bring to you many advantages.

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